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Facebookcalendarsync:Release Notes 54
Last updated at Tue Mar 15 20:57, by Shadowfury

Release Notes for 0.10.5  ⇑ top

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates  ⇑ top

Enhancement FBCal-104  ⇑ top

Improve reliability of birthday calendar setup functionality, plus improve ability to troubleshoot remaining issues and bugs that cause an error for some users.

Enhancement FBCal-105  ⇑ top

Addition of in-app support options to create trouble tickets and read knowledge base articles directly from within the app. Users have the option to add screenshots to trouble tickets, therefore the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is now required to access screenshots taken on the device.

Enhancement FBCal-106  ⇑ top

Generate fake e-mail address if user denies permission to e-mail, rather than failing the sync.

Feature request FBCal-107  ⇑ top

Add ability to send the Facebook request JSON to the developer.

Bug report FBCal-108  ⇑ top

Add e-mail address automatically to debug tools, to improve the convenience of e-mailing logs to the developer.

Known Issues  ⇑ top

HTC calendar app does not display events if you decline them. The app properly syncs them to the database, but HTC's app will not display them. This is an issue with HTC's calendar app, as other apps will display the events as intended.

Still having issues?  ⇑ top

Please see this post: Troubleshooting

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