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Facebookcalendarsync:Release Notes 44
Last updated at Sun Feb 21 14:34, by Shadowfury

Release Notes for 0.9.2  ⇑ top

Parse Error Handling  ⇑ top

The new app improves its behavior when it encounters an error in parsing friend lists. The old version would stop parsing the file entirely, the new version ignores the one friend and attempts to load the rest of the file.

Calendar Language Settings  ⇑ top

Bug Report FBCal-81  ⇑ top

Improved language support. Versions 0.9 and 0.9.1 rely on Facebook to determine the language to download the birthday calendar. Version 0.9.2 adds an option for users to select their own language for download. NOTE 1: version 0.9.2 returns to English as a default; users that want another language should open the app and go to "App Settings -> App Preferences" to set the language. Note 2: there are a lot of languages in the current app preferences list that Facebook does not support. Selecting an unsupported language should cause Facebook to return the calendar in English. I plan to whittle the list down to only Facebook supported languages, but there are over 200 languages in the ISO language list, so it'll take a little time to eliminate the unsupported langues...

Known Issues  ⇑ top

HTC calendar app does not display events if you decline them. The app properly syncs them to the database, but HTC's app will not display them. This is an issue with HTC's calendar app, as other apps will display the events as intended.

Still having issues?  ⇑ top

Please see this post: Troubleshooting

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