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Facebookcalendarsync:Release Notes 40
Last updated at Sun Feb 21 14:35, by Shadowfury

Release Notes for 0.9  ⇑ top

Birthday sync is back! (and as good as ever!)  ⇑ top

Enhancement FBCal-76  ⇑ top

Found a new way to sync Facebook birthdays! The app once again syncs all of your friends' birthdays.

New Setup Steps!  ⇑ top

There are additional steps users need to complete to set up birthday sync. After downloading the updated app, open the app and click the "Set Birthday Sync" button. You may be asked to log into Facebook again to complete the setup process.

Added in-app donation link  ⇑ top

Some users have asked for a way to donate. I have added a donation link to the app. This is completely voluntary. The app and all its features are still completely free.

Known Issues  ⇑ top

HTC calendar app does not display events if you decline them. The app properly syncs them to the database, but HTC's app will not display them. This is an issue with HTC's calendar app, as other apps will display the events as intended.

Still having issues?  ⇑ top

Please see this post: Troubleshooting

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