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Facebookcalendarsync:Release Notes 36
Last updated at Sun Feb 21 14:37, by Shadowfury

Release Notes for 0.8.1  ⇑ top

If you are unhappy with any changes in this app due to the upgrade to Facebook Graph API v2.2: Leave feedback for Facebook

Enhancement FBCal-59  ⇑ top

Updated Facebook Graph API version to v2.2. Beginning April 30, 2015, Facebook no longer allows access to Graph API v1.0.

Newer versions of the Graph API remove a lot of functionality:
  • Facebook no longer allows access to Friends' information, unless that friend specifically authorizes the app. If you were a user of v0.8 or earlier, your friends' birthdays will remain in your calendar, but new friends will not be added.
  • Facebook no longer allows access to event information if the event was created by a secret group. Events created by secret groups will no longer show up on your calendar.
Additional feature limitation: Sync of attendee RSVP status has been removed.
  • This feature relied on friends' information access to limit the amount of data downloaded from the server. Without access to that information, RSVP lists would be unmanageable.
  • This feature caused a lot of problems for users, due to the excessive data consumption and Facebook server time it needed.

I really hate removing features from the app, but Facebook has left me no choice. I tried contacting Facebook a number of times to suggest changes and permissions that would protect user privacy while allowing you to have access to all the features of this app, but Facebook takes a very hostile stance towards developers and, quite frankly, couldn't care less about its developers or users. I highly recommend you leave feedback for Facebook.

For future releases (Coming Soon)  ⇑ top

  • Ability to invite people to authorize the app. If your friend authorizes the app, you will be able to sync their birthday to your Android calendar.

Known Issues  ⇑ top

  • HTC calendar app does not display events if you decline them. They app properly syncs them to the database, but HTC's app will not display them. This is an issue with HTC's calendar app, as other apps will display the events as intended.

Still having issues?  ⇑ top

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