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Facebookcalendarsync:Release Notes 34
Last updated at Sun Feb 21 14:38, by Shadowfury

== Release Notes for 0.8 ==
This release adds two new sync options for managing data usage.
==== Feature request FBCal-11 ===
Added an option to sync only on Wifi. Please go to your Android account settings to turn on this feature.

==== Enhancement FBCal-16 ====
Aded an option to turn off sync of event attendees altogether. This provides two main benefits:

Less data usage for users on restrictive data plans

Should solve the Error #1: Unknown Error issue that is preventing sync for users with large friend lists.

'''Note:''' If you are having issues with sync, please go to your Android account settings and turn off sync of event attendees.

==== Feature request FBCal-19 ====
The Facebook event creator is now stored in the calendar database and should be displayed when viewing events in your calendar (provided your calendar app displays event owner information).

=== Still having issues? ===
Please see this post:


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