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Facebook Calendar Sync:Manage Your Calendars
Last updated at Sat Jun 13 23:27, by Shadowfury
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Managing Your Facebook Calendars  ⇑ top

Note: this article assumes you are using the default Android Calendar, however the concepts should apply to any calendar app you choose to use (as long as the developer of your calendar app fully implements Google's CalendarProvider)

This app stores your Facebook events into multiple calendars depending on your RSVP status. This allows you to quickly and easily filter events to only display the events you want to see based on whether or not you plan to attend.

The five calendars are:
  • Events I'm Attending - Places events on your calendar for Facebook events that you have responded to as "Attending"
  • Events I May Be Attending - Places events on your calendar for Facebook events that you have responded to as "Maybe Attending"
  • Events I Am Not Attending - Places events on your calendar for Facebook events that you have responded to as "Not Attending"
  • Events I Have Not Responded To - Places events on your calendar that you have been invited to, but have not responded to
  • Friends' Birthdays - Places an "All Day" event on your calendar for all of your friends that have shared their birthday on Facebook

Calendar Options  ⇑ top

Stop a Calendar From Displaying  ⇑ top

This is the fastest method to filter your calendar based on which events you want to see.

From the Google Calendar app, use the menu icon at the top left of the screen.

Simply click on any of the calendars to stop it from displaying.
  • Note: What this does is update the CalendarContract.Calendars.VISIBLE status of the calendar. This setting should cause the calendar not to be displayed in most calendar apps and widgets, so long as they fully support Android's programming standards for calendars.
  • Note: Even though the calendar is not being displayed on your device, events are still being synchronized. This will allow you to keep the clutter off of your calendar, but quickly display the events if you need to without needing to first update the calendar from Facebook.

Stop a Calendar From Synchronizing  ⇑ top

This method will also cause events not to be displayed on your calendar, but furthermore will prevent the app from synchronizing events with Facebook. This can help preserve battery and data consumption if you are fairly certain you will not often need access to events in some calendars. In most apps, turning off sync will also remove the calendar from the list of calendars that can be displayed. This can help reduce clutter in the list of calendars that are available for display.

Use the menu icon at the top left of the screen to open the menu and select "Settings". On the settings screen, you will see a list of accounts that sync calendars with your device. Under each account, you will see a list of calendars. Select a calendar, and you will see a list of settings that you can change for the calendar. Turn off sync, and your calendar will no longer sync with Facebook.
  • Note: What this does is update the CalendarContract.Calendars.SYNC_EVENTS status of the calendar. As noted above, most apps will remove the calendar from the list of available calendars if sync events is turned off. When turning sync back on, you will need to refresh the calendar to sync new events before they will display on your calendar.

Changing Calendar Colors  ⇑ top

By default, the app uses Facebook blue for all 5 calendars. However, users with Android version 4.0.3+ may choose to change the default color for these calendars.

Some common reasons to change the default color:
  • User does not like the blue color
  • Choose a different color based on RSVP status (quickly see by color which events you are attending, and which you are not)
  • Choose a unique color for only some RSVP statuses (for example, highlight events you have not responded to, to remind you that you need to respond)
In the default Google calendar app, the same settings page that you use to turn off calendar sync (see above) has an option to change the calendar color.

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